PlanetBn Minecraft Season 4

>Made by Mukri 15-03-2017

We gladly announce that our Minecraft Server is back up and running! All new system, style and also building. Our minecraft server is now up and running, you may connect to our server via this ip MC.PLANETBN.COM and you can connect using 1.8.x-The latests version of minecraft.

Special Credits

Special credits to our new admin AdiiDee, Sarhan and Hazimin for setting up the server! You may ask them questions on our forum HERE

Forum is up and running!

Our forum is already up and running if you haven't notice it yet. You can report hacker, bugs and give us suggestions what to add on our future updates.

NOTE: That our server is still in stress test mode, they can go down easily and we will try our best to bring it back up (if it goes down!)