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Volunteer HELPER Application Form

Minecraft Username: TNTOJ
Discord Tag: !TNTOJ#6969
Age: i, actually 14 but i wanned to apply and nate(pbn) said i should just give it a shot either tho im 1 yr under( but have a lot of experience) 
Have you donated to the server?: im pretty new but im gonna buy mvp if i stay and it looks like i am

How many hours can you contribute to the server in a week?: atleast 20 hrs a week but i can prob do like 30 avg
When do you join PlanetBn?: i joined soon a week ago and scince i joined i have played it 5-6 hrs a day
SCENARIO: "A players are spamming about being scammed by other players, how would you resolve these issues?": 

First i whould talk to em, in disc or in game. i whould ask for ss of what happend. then i whould try to solve as good as i can and make an solution. if this doesnt work( after using a good amount of time trying to fix) i whould ask them to report in player reports or dm an admin or other staff to help me solve. i whould explain for the admin exactly what happend from my point of view. and if nothing works id try to use more time on it or get someone thats a little better then me to do it. 

if there are any other scenarioes i whould use an warn system i use on an server or see what happend and take actions out of that. example:

1st give a warn to them and tell them what they did wrong and ask em politly to stop with it.

2nd if they doesnt listen and keep doing it i whould probly mute for 5m if not that bad and like 1 hr if bad like spam

3rd i whould mute them for 6 hrs if they doesnt stop at all and continue after/ if they spawn kill and greef i whould mby give them an timeout if they are really bad contact admin or just trap em in a cage while they get the heat down.

4th i whould mute them for an day and tell it to a person with higer rank then me, discuss what we should do.

5th if people with higer rank agree and they wont listen then il might ban them/ get help to do it for 1 day to 7 days. (like admin or something have to agree, like nate or weg or some other)

Anything else we should know?: 

i have a good amount of experience because im boss over all staff in an discord with 1750 members atm gaining like 50 a day and is owned by an youtuber with 63k subs atm. here is link if you wanna look at it: i have worked there for like 5 months ish and moved up ranks(pretty hard) and i get a good amount of activity and im rank nr 1 on the discord server in activity/level. i have done a test to see how many that liked me/ hated me and it was 43 that answerd the poll, i got 37 for that i was good staff and 6 for not(most of them where people i had warned/ muted). im very active on that server and hit like 4hrs ish of talking and 16 hrs of online time/ in reach. Im trying to get big at youtube and other social media at the side, at youtube i have 160subs rn, tiktok 900 etc. and at the end of my previus youtube vid i adv for the server bcs i rly enjoy it and whould like more people to join it so it can grow and can get members in all minigames like bw(when that come out) so its always people to have fun with on. il keep on showing the server adress in my vids. as i mentioned a little earlier i have pretty good experience with moderation and administration.  

A little about me: I like music, gaming and workeout. I have a lot of school and homework but get on whenever i can and get a good amount of activity like 3hrs a day atleast. i live in norway my time is gmt+1 i think and i get on every morning and after school to check how ppl are on the server. IF ANYTHING YOU WHOULD LIKE TO KNOW PLS LET ME KNOW AND IL TELL. thx for reading and have an awsome day:)

7 months ago