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Volunteer HELPER Application Form

Minecraft Username: ShahFiz21
Discord Tag: ShahFiz#5521
Age: 18 Years Old
Have you donated to the server?: I haven't donated everything(because of money issue)
How many hours can you contribute to the server in a week?: 8/9 hours a week
When do you join PlanetBn?: Since July 2020
SCENARIO: "A players are spamming about being scammed by other players, how would you resolve these issues?": I will investigate the issue about being scammed by other player. If I caught that player was scamming, I will bring the issue to the Mods and Admins.
Anything else we should know?: I maybe online like 3/4 days because of my class session in pandemic situation. And also I'm a Youtuber. I do post some of Minecraft video and sometimes unboxing video, so you can check my Youtube channel here,

about 1 month ago