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Make the custom armor(at /island) more powerful

The current custom armor at /island is underwhelming, not only gold is hard to obtain (despite severals ways to get them) but it also has near similar price, 2000 gold = 3600bnd 

This makes the armor at the /island very underwhelming compared to buying diamond armor + lapis and enchanthing it with other enchantments esp mending, as the custom armor does not allow for anvil use.

My suggestion is to make custom armor have set effect buffs, meaning, if a player uses 2 custom armor pieces, they will get an additional buff by using it, using 3 and more custom armor pieces adds another buff.


Example, 2 set:Absorbtion 1

3 set:Previous buff + Resistance 1

4 set:Previous buffs + Haste 1

4 set + sword: Previous buffs + Jump Boost I

This makes the custom armor more appetising to compensate for its lack of renaming and use of anvil.

I understand this is only the first /island armor, but should there be another island, the set effect should make more players consider the custom armor rather than buying armor + enchanthing it to its max 

8 months ago