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Volunteer HELPER Application Form

Minecraft Username: NazSenpaiOwO
Discord Tag: Nazrul~Senpai#1359
Age: 18
Have you donated to the server?: Not yet ( I'm still student at college to get job as police investigation )
How many hours can you contribute to the server in a week?: 5/6 hours per week

When do you join PlanetBn?: August 2020
SCENARIO: "A players are spamming about being scammed by other players, how would you resolve these issues?": I'm gonna ask that player to stop spamming, calm down and explain why spamming on chat..
Anything else we should know?: Im good as helper/moderator to help player if they are in trouble and moderator to let them not spamming, scamming, griefing and more. I'm about to college with 2 years as police investigation and after i get job, i can support this server. Plus, im about to be a youtuber later in the future.

18 days ago