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Volunteer PBN Application Form

Minecraft Username: NateSteelHD
Discord Tag: N8 / Bearded Monkey
Age: 22
How many hours can you contribute to the server in a week?: Based average 20+ Hours 
When do you join PlanetBn?: Back in 2014/2015 (?)
SCENARIO: "Your friends are complaining about an overpowered kit, what would you do?": 

  1. Investigate whether the kit is actually OP
  2. If said kit is OP, Keep using said Kit until people are aware on how broken it is.
  3. Once the others know the kit is OP, drop a report at Discord under #Bugs-Report with feedbacks regarding how OP it is (with some fix ideas)
  4. Wait for Admins to do their magic.
  5. Once "Fixed/Balanced" try looking for more OP Kits :)


Anything else we should know?:  Ye, Might be busy on certain days. Gotta 'Layan' the Mrs too yknow?

8 days ago