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Volunteer HELPER Application Form

Minecraft Username: MrGoldCoin
Discord Tag: GoldCoin#9963
Age: 20
Have you donated to the server?: Yes
How many hours can you contribute to the server in a week?: 1~2hrs or more per/day 
When do you join PlanetBn?: 3/4 years ago (2016/2017)
SCENARIO: "A players are spamming about being scammed by other players, how would you resolve these issues?": 

1) tell him to stop spamming. 

2) tell them to make a report in the forum with evidence.

3) investigate and do punishment if required.

4) spamming punishment:

-1. first warning

-2. 1hrs mute

-3. 12hrs mute

-4. 1 day mute and so on

Anything else we should know?: 

still studying, and I might be busy sometime.

Pbn helper during season 4.

pretty good at building.

11 months ago