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"iF yOu CanT rUn a SerVer nOrmAlly jUsT cloSe iT". You should ask yourself why were you banned in the first place, If you cant ask yourself why just GTFO, it's not that hard.

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[SkyBlock] Quest Guides

I'm just gonna put this down straight to the point.

Chapter I:

  1. Stage 1: Collect 64 Iron Ore OR Coal
  2. Stage 2: Kill 25 Munchers
  3. Stage 3: Kill 32 Chucks
  4. Stage 4: Give NPC Jasmen (Not me) 3 Crafting Fragments
  5. Stage 5: Harvest 32 fully grown wheat.

My opinion on Chapter I: Very easy but it takes a lot of time to complete.
Rewards: 500BND, 150 Combat/Farming/Mining Skills Exp.


Chapter II:

  1. Stage 1: Kill 30 Scrapers
  2. Stage 2: Find the lot Hubert treasure (Located on Skull Zone, x:4 y:67 z:305)
  3. Stage 3: Give Hubert 64 Coal
  4. Stage 4: Give Hubert 32 Hay Bale
  5. Stage 5: Give Hubert 64 Oak Logs

My opinion on Chapter II: Time consuming, really! But it's worthed for a starter since it will give you 1,000BND!.
Rewards: 1000BND, 200 Combat/Farming/Mining Skills Exp.



  1. Stage 1:
  2. Stage 2: 
  3. Stage 3: 
  4. Stage 4: 
  5. Stage 5: 

My opinion on Chapter III: 
Rewards: 1500BND, 400 Combat/Farming/Mining Skills Exp.

7 months ago