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Introducing Skyblock to our new game modes! We have been working on this Skyblock server for more than a month now. I personally have been putting a lot of time developing Skyblock game modes. There are a lot of things you can do in Skyblock. Let's get started!

Do /is to go to your island or to create a new one.

When you first join, you should be teleported to your island (Or it may take a few seconds to generate your islands). I recommend you to go to /warp mine to get full geared items & go to /warp barn to get you some food. Full Iron Armor should get you ready to fight with our custom mobs.

This is where you can mine your irons and coal. All of the ores in here will be regenerated once you break them. You can go here by typing /warp barn.

Leveling System
There are 3 types of levels:

  1. Combat Level (Level up by killing our custom mobs)
  2. Mining Level (Level up by mining on /warp mine)
  3. Farming Level (Level up by farming & chopping down trees)

Leveling up each skill will allow you to upgrade your weapons and it will make the chances of each skill higher. (eg, your chance of dropping Crafting Fragments will increase for every 5 levels of Combat Skills). You can check your level progressions by doing /menu commands.


Let's talk about maps, there are 5 realms/maps you can teleport to. Here are some of them:

This is our main spawn:

This is the Nether Realm:

This is the Nether Fortress Realm (You need to go to Nether Realm to be able to get here):

End Realm (You need to go to Fantasy Island to go here):

And there are a lot more items to explore.


Custom Mobs
You can find our custom mobs by using /warp -> Click the Mobs Location -> Hover your mouse into the mobs that you like to know.

Below is the list of our custom mobs:

All of them will give different EXP and % of dropping Crafting Fragments. You can get more information about them on the /warp menu.


There are a lot of bosses in the server, you can get more information about the bosses on the /warp menu. Below is the list of available bosses that you can fight in the game. All of them drop unique OVERPOWERED items! So watch out and make sure to not miss any boss fights.

Yes! Herobrine! It drops very-very overpowered equipment.

Custom Items

I am not sure how to start this. So, we have over 50+ custom items and each of them has its own unique enchantments. You can upgrade any of your tools and weapons, but you need to be on a specific skill level to upgrades them. You can get more information about the custom recipes on our /recipe warps.

There is also what we call a "Speel Book". This book uses your MANA/LEVEL BAR. You can buy a random book from our NPC Shaman (Located on the Fantasy Island), each book will cost you 1,500Bnd. You can get more information about this by talking to NPC Shaman.

Okay like seriously, this is taking so much time, why don't you just try and try our Skyblock server.

Anyways, here are the other things that you should know:-

If you die, you will lose a % amount of your Bnd/Money.
You can get money from doing /quests and selling things on /warp shops
You can go to the end by talking to Jade ->Wiccan (Be careful!)
/Menu is your friend, like seriously! Most of the information will be there.

You really need to try out our Skyblock server to fully experience them, this thread is not a 100% of the game modes, I will be linking you to a useful thread:


Thank you for supporting our server from the beginning! If you have found any bugs or do have suggestions, do let us know by creating a new thread on our forum! Thank you all. 

Another update will be released soon for Skyblock and Survival Server will be updated very soon.

PlanetBn Sole Developer

By Mukri, 5 months ago

Also please do watch our trailer for skyblock here:


PlanetBn Sole Developer

By Mukri, 5 months ago