Building Contest #1

 Started by Mukri

Welcome to our first Building Contest ever! This contest will allow you to show your creativity. The main objective is building! Building a medieval-themed house, castle, statue, or anything that came upon your mind. The prizes for this contest will be a 20USD Gift Card for any kind of platform (Steam, iTunes, PSN, etc). Below are the details about the contest:-

How can I join this contest?
You can start by joining our Minecraft Server MC.PLANETBN.COM and join the Survival-SMP server. From there, you need to find a place in any /warp wild and start gathering resources for your builds and finally start building!

What can I build?
You can build anything! BUT, your builds must be Medieval related builds or it will result in disqualification.

What are the winning prizes?
20USD Gift Card of any kind of platform (Steam, iTunes, PSN, etc) & a Charged Creeper pet in our Survival server.

How can I submit my builds?
Simply go to and make sure you are registered/signed in to our forum. Make sure to use the templates that we have provided upon creating a new topic/submissions. CLICK HERE FOR TEMPLATE LINKS

When is the deadline?
12 July 2020, 6:00 PM (GMT+8, Singapore Time).

How are we going to rate your houses?
Our staff will rate the building in 2 parts.

  1. Details of your builds.
  2. The creativity of your builds.

That's it! Make sure to post your coordinates when submitting, we will personally go one by one and rate your buildings. Good luck!
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PlanetBn Sole Developer

By Mukri, 5 months ago x 1

Hey guys, we haven't got the time to review your builds. We will be selecting the winner tomorrow :) Sorry for the inconvenience issues that we have caused.

PlanetBn Sole Developer

By Mukri, 5 months ago x 1

Congratulations @MrGoldCoin for winning the contest! We will be making statements regarding this on the next post updates.

PlanetBn Sole Developer

By Mukri, 4 months ago