Survival Season II

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We are glad to announce to you that we have launched the survival SMP season II update. We have reset the survival and turned it into a new decent-looking custom world. Things will get reset likes, Mcmmo level, Sethome, Claimland, Items, and more except your balance, We will be cutting 85% of your account from the previous world. We have also added new things to the survival SMP server. What are those things? Let's get started!


Custom World Generation


Custom world generation is the whole new world that we generated after the previous world in survival server. Here are some examples of the custom world biomes;


Ice Biomes


Jungle Biomes


Swamp Biomes


Volcano Biomes


These are just a few of them, you can find more biomes like Mountain, Desert, Messa, etc by exploring through the overworld in our survival SMP server.


Main Spawn



Additional Updates

+ = Added | - = Removed | # = Changed |  @ = Addition 


+ Party System (/Party)

+ New Main Menu (/Menu)

+ Trading System (/Trade)

+ New Spawn Location

+ New dungeon Location

+ New End City 

+ New GUI Layout

+ New Automatic Broadcast System

+ New Scoreboard Layout

+ New Age Feature


# Re-balanced PbnPoints Shop

# Re-balanced Delivery Chest Rewards

# Re-balanced Shop

# Re-balanced Mobs Kill Rewards

# Re-balanced Skills

# Re-balanced VoteParty Rewards


# RandomTP

# Advance Enchantment 


@ Nether Reset

@ Improve our security System

@ Fixed some bugs

Main Menu

This is our newest main menu system. You can easily access so many kinds of things by using this menu. Do /menu to open up the main menu GUI.


Party System

Our party system is for temporary use only. In order to create a party, you need to invite players to your party. We created this party system for only party chat purposes.


Party System

We have updated our new-age system. Your age is now visible in the chat before your in-game name.


/AgeTop - To check the top 10 eldest players on the survival SMP server.


Thank you all for staying with us even though there are not many updates in a few months. We will try to update the server more often, however, we will be upgrading our skywars server into bedwars server at the end of this April and finally, we will launch our new skyblock system for beta testing very soon. For further information, we will announce it on our discord server, and make sure to stay tuned!

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