[Survival] Quest and Dungeon updates

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We are proud to announce to you that we have updated Quest and added Dungeon to the Survival server.

What is Dungeon?
The dungeon is a storyline based gameplay. You can play the Dungeon by using the Key on Dungeon Master. The dungeon is basically an adventure map that you play to get rewards. In each dungeon, you will need to perform certain tasks such as killing, finding, parkour, and more. Currently, there will be only 2 dungeons. You may leave the dungeon by using /quit and the dungeon will only fail when you die. If you leave/disconnect, your progress will reset and you will need to do it from the beginning. And you may only play one dungeon per time, meaning you will not be able to enter another dungeon if your previous dungeon is not completed.


How can I get the key?
You can get the key by purchasing them using your Quest Points on /warp dungeon. You can get Quest Points by completing quest tasks.


What will I get when completing the dungeon?
You will receive PlanetBn Points where you can spend it on special permissions, lucky blocks, level,s and more. You can check your points by doing /points in-game and you can spend it on Points Shop at /warp dungeon.


Will there be any new dungeon?
Yes! There will be, but it will require us a lot of time to develop one, so please be patient. We are working a lot on the background.


When will quest re-rolled/reset happens?
For daily quests, it will re-rolled/reset every day at 12 pm sharp and for weekly, it will reset every Monday at 12am (00:00). The new leaderboards will also be updated every day at 12 pm.


Updates Conclusion
+ = Added | - = Removed | @ = Fixed

+ New Quests System
+ Quests Leaderboards near /spawn
+ Dungeon
+ New /warp dungeon
+ /Points

About this update, it is really hard for us to explain how the system works. You might need to experience them once on the server.

Thank you all for staying with us even though there are not many updates in a few months. I will try to update the server more often, expect Skyblock updates after this one. 

PlanetBn Sole Developer

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