KitPvp Season 2

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Welcome to PlanetBn KitPvp season 2! This update adds a lot of things like, new kits, healing refills, new scoreboard, up to 50 achievements, kill messages, kill dances, and many more. We have been working on this Kitpvp season 2 for more than 2 weeks now and also balancing the previous kits and adding 5 new kits. What are those 5 new kits?


Eternal Kit

  • Light nearby enemies with fire within 5 blocks away for 10 seconds and gain immune to any attacks/skills for 3 seconds.

  • Price 10,000 Coins.


  • Steals 3HP from targeted players and gives nausea to nearby enemies within 5 blocks away.

  • Price 10,000 Coins.


  • Stick nearby enemies to the ground and give you resistance for 7 seconds.

  • Price 10,000 Coins.


  • Push nearby players away and damage them. Gain speed for 3 seconds.

  • Price 10,000 Coins.


  • Double your arrow damage and give you speed for 15 seconds.

  • Price 10,000 Coins.



A = Added | C = Changes | F = Fixed | R = Removed


A - Custom kill messages

A - Custom kill dances

A - more than 50 achievements

A - Healing refill

A - HP counter at chat

A - Kits suffix (TAB) 

A - NPC Shop, NPC Stats

A - NPC Tips


C - Some old kits got buffed and got nerfed (Witch, Pirate, etc) 

C - Achievements has been reworked

C - New arenas

C - New tournament arena

C - Instant respawn on death

C - Player will no longer gain energy if hitting immune player. 

C - Lose 50 coins when pvp logging

C - New scoreboard style

Custom Kill Messages


You can access this shop by right-clicking the emerald in your inventory or go directly to NPC Shop. There are 10 kill messages that are currently available. You can purchase kill messages by clicking it. 



Custom Kill Dances


You can access this shop by right-clicking the emerald in your inventory or go directly to NPC Shop. There are 10 kill dances that are currently available. You can purchase kill dances by clicking it. 





There are more than 50 achievements. These achievements are divided into 5 sections which are general, killing, shooting, killstreak and skills. You can get more coins by completing all the achievements. Suggest us more types of achievements that you want us to add to it.



Healing Refill


There are a total of 4 healing refills (beacon) at the arena, simply refill your potion when you run out of potions and it will cost you 100 coins. You can make a purchase again in the next 2 minutes. This is also an advantage for you to survive even longer and get more killstreak to achieve the killstreak achievements.



HP Counter (Chat)


Hp counter will display before your name on in-game chat when you kill a player or you get killed.



Kits Suffix (Tab)


Kits suffix will be shown on your Tab info once you select a kits. For example; SPE stands for Speedy kit, ZMB is Zombie kit and ETR is Eternal kit.





Kill as many players as you can to be in the top 5 players.





This is the map for the main arena in the kitpvp season 2 server.



Tournament Arena


Every month we will be hosting a kitpvp tournament on a kitpvp server. So we will be using this arena when the event starts. By right-clicking the NPC Tournaments you will be transferred to this arena.

Here are the other things that you should know:-

  • If you leave the game when you are still in combat mode, you will lose 50 in-game coins.

  • There are NPC tips at the spawn, right-click it if you want to know more how to gain more coins.

  • All your things (stats, ranks, total kill, coins, your kits) from the previous kitpvp season will stay the same, so you don’t need to worry about it.

  • There must be some bugs that are not fixed yet, if you found any of them please do report to us on our official discord server.

You really need to try out our Kitpvp season 2 to fully experience it.

Thank you for supporting PlanetBn server from the beginning! If you have found any bugs or do have suggestions, do let us know by creating a new thread on our forum or you can directly report/suggest it on our discord server! Thank you again all and make sure to support us more by


voting to our server everyday or by donating to our server, so that can make PlanetBn server stay longer!


Another incoming update will be released soon for Survival and Skyblock server will be updated very soon.

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