[Survival #8] Playtime Rewards

 Started by AdiiDee

Introducing our new Playtime rewards. make sure to stay online at our survival server as much as possible to earn your rewards! There is also upcoming updates on the KitPvP server (New Kits, New Arenas, Refill System, Duel system, and more).

What is PlayTimeRewards?

PlaytimeRewards is where you will be able to earn hourly, daily, or weekly rewards at specific times of play. You also can

make it double rewards by purchasing ranks on our store.



What are the rewards?

Common Luckyblock, Rare Luckyblock, Legendary Luckyblock, BND, XP, Age EXP, and more rewards will be added soon.



Will I get the rewards when AFKing on the server?

YES, You will earn the rewards.



How can I check my rewards list?

Do /rewards (In-game commands) to check your current available rewards.



How to check my total playtime and AFK time on the server?

Do /playtime (In-game commands) to check your total playtime and do /afktime to check your total afktime.



Need Help?

Contact us now or any other available PBN staff member.

Thank you all for keep supporting us until now, we will try our best to keep the server up to date, and stay tuned for KitPvP updates next week. You can also help us by voting for the server every day or by donating to our server so our network will stay longer with you guys.


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