[Survival #7] Custom Enchantments

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Introducing our new Custom Enchantments. make sure to check them out. There are also some additional updates and you can find it at the end of the post.


What are Custom Enchantments?

Custom Enchantments is where you can enchant your gears/tools by using specific custom enchantments but beware, once enchantment was unsuccessful, you have a chance to lost your gears/tools.


How does it work?

Firstly, you need to purchase a custom enchantment orb using your experience points. once purchased, right-click the enchantment orb to examine it into a random enchantment book. Right-clicking the custom enchantment book will give you more details about the enchantments.

in-game commands: /e or /enchanter



What is Tinkerer?

Tinkerer is where you can exchange custom enchanted gears/tools for experience, or exchange your custom enchanted books for secret dust. Secret dust has a chance of getting magic dust, which improves the success rate of the custom enchanted books.

in-game command: /Tinker , /Tinkerer



What is Alchemist?

Alchemist is where you can Combine two similar custom enchanted books to increase the enchantment level, or you can combine magic dust into better rates.

(in-game command: /Alchem or /Alchemist)



There is 4 category of Enchantment Books;

Common Enchantment Book

Rare Enchantment Book

Epic Enchantment Book

Legendary Enchantment Book



Additional Updates

- New Halloween theme @survival spawn

- Buffed luckyblock rewards;

added more op kits, more value for bnd, limited time /fly, added the rarest item and etc.



Thank you all for the support, we will be updating the server more regularly now. You can help us by donating or voting for the server every day!

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