New SkyWars Gamemodes

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We are pleased to Introduce SkyWars to our new game modes! We have been working on this SkyWars server for more than a month now. We personally have been putting a lot of time developing SkyWars game modes. Skywars are now live for everyone. You can join SkyWars by right-clicking the NPC SkyWars on the hub or using the compass.


What version would it support?

1.8 - 1.16.3 Minecraft Java Edition.


How can I play?

Firstly, you need to join the SkyWars server using the compass or NPC SkyWars from our hub/lobby and then right-click the NPC Play-Solo to enter the SkyWars arenas. You can choose any available kits when you are in the arena while waiting for players! You can get XP, Coins, and Souls If you win the games and you also can double the rewards when you purchase ranks from our store.


How can I get Kits and Cages and etc.?

Right-click the SkyWars Menu(Emerald) but for now you can only purchase Kits and Cages from the menu! Don't worry we will keep updating SkyWars every weekend until it's fully setup then we can add more kits, cages, tasks, etc.


How many kits are there at the moment?

There are only 20 available kits, You can check them out by hovering your mouse onto the kit on the kits selector menu.


Soul Well

Soul Well is where you can roll for rewards likes coins, kits, and cages. each roll will cost you, 10 Souls. We will be adding more rewards soon!


Big Update from PlanetBN Team and another update will be released soon for SkyWars, Thank you for supporting our server from the beginning! If you have found any bugs or do have suggestions, do let us know by creating a new thread on our forum or from our discord server! Once again, Thank you all for supporting the server, I am trying my best to keep the server up to date. Make sure to vote for our server to keep it alive and support us more by donating to our server!.


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