Looking for staff members & 1.16.3 supports

 Started by Mukri

We are currently looking for staff members for our server! We are looking for a Helper and a PBN (PlanetBn Balancing Team) to the public. Apply and become one of our staff members on our server.

Where can I apply?
You can apply Helper and PBN rank HERE. or https://planetbn.com/index.php?route=/forum/view/18-staff-applications/


How long will the process take?
It will take around 1 week or so! Depending on our Admin's time. You will know whether you got accepted or no.


What is the specialty of this "rank"?
They will have more commands, free ranks! and they will be the first ones who help us test our new upcoming new gamemodes!



Our server now accepts 1.16.3 clients! Make sure to join and vote for the server. More updates will come very-very soon. So stay tuned!

PlanetBn Sole Developer

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