[Survival #6] Hubs & Luckyblocks Update

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Introducing our new Luckyblocks! Mysterybox will no longer be obtainable but you are still able to break them. No worries, Mysterybox are replaced by our new Luckyblocks (more information below)! We have also changed our Hub looks, make sure to check them out. There is also an additional updates and you can find it at the end of this post. 




What is Luckyblocks?

Luckyblock is the same thing as Mysterybox but with more prizes and types!


How can I get Luckyblocks?

You can earn Common Luckyblock from voting and from the delivery chest.


What are the Luckyblocks types?

There are 3 types. Common, Rare, and Legendary. 


How can I get Rare and Legendary Luckyblock?

Rare Luckyblocks can be found in Common Luckyblock or from weekly and monthly delivery chest. 

Legendary Luckyblocks can be found in Rare Luckyblock.


Do you have any more questions?

If you have any questions regarding Luckyblocks or any other related to in-game, don't hesitate to ask our staff members. 




F = Fixed | A = Added | R = Removed | C = Changes



A - *AFK tag on TAB whilst AFK


Delivery Chest 

Daily Mail Changes:-

C - 100 EXP -> 250 EXP

C - 10BND -> 100BND

C - 1 Mysterybox -> 1 Common Luckyblock

A-  500 Claim Blocks


Weekly Mail Changes:-

C - 300 EXP -> 500 EXP

C - 50BND -> 200BND

C - 1 Mysterybox -> 1 Rare Luckyblock

A - 1000 Claim Blocks


Monthly Mail Changes:-

C - 600 EXP -> 1000 EXP

C - 150BND -> 300BND

C - 3 Mysterybox -> 2 Rare Luckyblock

A - 1500 Claim Blocks


Another quick update from PlanetBN Team and there is more upcoming updates not just on the survival server, but we will be opening more gamemode like skywars, arcade, and more. We are also currently reworking on the skyblock server and it is for the best for all PlanetBN players. Thank you all for supporting the server, I am trying my best to keep the server up to date. Make sure to vote for our server to keep it alive and support us more by donating to our server!.

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