Lobby Cosmetics & Voting Updates

 Started by Mukri

Introducing Lobby Cosmetics! There are over 550+ cosmetics that you can get from the mystery box! Raging from gadgets, pets, particles, and many more! You can unlock all of them for free, by just voting for the server, here's how.

How to get a mystery box?
You can craft them using mystery dust! Simply right-click the Mystery Box located near to your left and right when spawning on the lobby. After that, a menu should pop up and click the anvil. The menu should appear like so:-

You will get a FREE 10 mystery dust per vote. In 1 day, you can get a free #1 mystery box or you can collect them and unlock the higher rewards one (Mystery Box #5)!

Where can I use cosmetics?
For now, you may use them on our HUB and SurvivalGames. But in the future, we might be adding them to our future gamemodes such as skywars, eggwars, or even survival.

New voting system.
You will now receive the normal rewards on the survival server AND you will also be receiving a free 10 mystery dust on our Hub server. There are now 5 voting sites that you can vote for us. What are you waiting for? Vote now!

Thank you all for the support, we will be updating the server more regularly now. You can help us by donating or voting for the server every day!

PlanetBn Sole Developer

By Mukri, 7 months ago