[Survival #2] Furniture Updates

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Introducing the Furniture updates! This update adds a lot of furniture on the server you can buy.

Where can I buy furniture?

You can buy the furniture in our new /warp shop! Right-Click the villager 'Deliao-Furniture' to get the list of furniture available on our server. And also, all players can purchase a pet using our in-game currency BND. Make sure to check them out as well, they are just opposite from Deliao Furniture Sdn Bhd.

New Spawn & Market

Here is our new spawn! All players can now go here by typing /spawn.

And this is our new market! Simply do /warp shop to start shopping.


F = Fixed | A = Added | R = Removed | C = Changes

F - All shops are closed message
C - To a new Spawn
C - To a new Market
A - 27 different types of furniture
A - Pet shops (Wither pet as well!)

Our next update could be an update to 1.16 from 1.15.2. I recommend you to take your stuff/items on the old nether since we will be doing a nether reset on the next update!

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