[Survival #1] Skills Update

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We have been reworking on the skills system for a long time and it is now live on the server. Below are the items/functions that we have added to our new skills system,


GUI Rework
I have reworked the skills menu so it will be much easier and cleaner for players to use.

Instead of right-clicking them to use the skills, it will now open up a skills menu where you can upgrade your skills and activate/use them.

By right-click the Redstone torch, you will be using/activating the skills to your characters. All information about upgrading will be on this menu. I recommend you to hover over the blocks for information such as damage, cooldown time and price. All upgrades are final and it is a one-time payment for each upgrade (It will be permanent, you can change your skills and the upgrades will still be there).

New Skills

Introducing Wizard Skills! (Thanks to Wegulas!)

What does Wizard Skills do?
Shoot a fireball. You can upgrade your skills and shoot up to 3 fireballs in 3 seconds.

How can I select them?
You need to have the MVP rank or higher to be able to use these skills. Once you have the rank, you will need to do /skills and then click the fire charge and finally, click the Redstone torch to activate your skills.

What type of weapons do we need to use the skill?
The skills can only be activated using BOW or CROSSBOW.


Skills Balance
Since we have added the new skill upgrading system, we did some changes to each of the power of the skills. You can view the changes In-Game by doing /skills.

F = Fixed | A = Added | R = Removed | C = Changes
A - Opening any type of door will not cause skills activation.
A - Opening any type of chest will not cause skills activation.
A - GUI Revamp
A - Upgrading System (From level Nulla to IV)
A - New Wizard Skills (Only for MVP and higher)
C - Cooldown notice & Skills usage will now be on the Title Bar instead of chat.

Expect more updates for the survival server this upcoming week! Thank you all for supporting the server, I am trying my best to update the server weekly. Make sure to vote for our server to keep it alive and donate to our server for cool perks such as wizard skills!.

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