35% Off Everything! Celebrating 50 Players Online

 Started by Mukri

First of all, I would like to say thank you very much for playing on our server. 50+ players are a big achievement to us & your support towards us is overwhelming. Our team has been putting a ton of hours to develop this server. I personally did not expect PlanetBn will reach such numbers. Once again, thank you very much! We will try to push more contents to the server so you guys can have a great/amazing time playing on our server.

Our server will be having a 35% discount on EVERYTHING! This sale will start once this post is up and will end at 20:35 (8:35 PM), July 16, 2020, UTC +8.


With this deal, you can get your PERMANENT rank for just 35SGD! We also released our Skyblock rank, if you would like to support us on the skyblock server, now you can!

Thank you for the amazing support, we value every player that had step their foot on the server. ❤︎

PlanetBn Sole Developer

By Mukri, 5 months ago x 1