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 Started by Mukri

Welcome to our new website! With this website, we will be able to make really long announcements, manage a bug reports easily & many more! We will be using this website for the next updates and so on. 


How can I register?
You can register on our website here.

Will update still be announced in the discord?
Yes, it will. But it will probably a link to this website.

Why do you use a website instead of a discord server?
Well, because discord does not meet our requirements of how we want things to be and it is hard for us to track reports and bugs. It is also hard for us to make long announcements since discord has a word limit for the text messages.

If you need any help or have any questions, feel free to post a new topic or reply to this post!. 

I will also be giving out 64 Mystery Boxes to 5 random players who registered to our website within 28/6/2020 - 15/7/2020.

PlanetBn Sole Developer

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