We are pleased to Introduce SkyWars to our new game modes! We have been working on this SkyWars server for more than a month now. We personally have been putting a lot of time developing SkyWars game modes. Skywars are now live for everyone. You can join SkyWars by right-clicking the NPC SkyWars on the hub or using the compass.


What version would it support?

1.8 - 1.16.3 Minecraft Java Edition.


How can I play?

Firstly, you need to join the SkyWars server using the compass or NPC SkyWars from our hub/lobby and then right-click the N...

By AdiiDee, 6 days ago
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We are currently looking for staff members for our server! We are looking for a Helper and a PBN (PlanetBn Balancing Team) to the public. Apply and become one of our staff members on our server.

Where can I apply?
You can apply Helper and PBN rank HERE. or https://planetbn.com/index.php?...

By Mukri, 8 days ago
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Introducing our new Luckyblocks! Mysterybox will no longer be obtainable but you are still able to break them. No worries, Mysterybox are replaced by our new Luckyblocks (more information below)! We have also changed our Hub looks, make sure to check them out. There is also an additional updates and you can find it at the end of this post. 




What is Luckyblocks?

Luckyblock is the same thing as Mysterybox but with more prizes and types!


How can I get Luckyblocks?


By AdiiDee, 26 days ago
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We are adding more items to our shop. Simply go to /warp shop to check it out.

By AdiiDee, about 1 month ago
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Introducing Lobby Cosmetics! There are over 550+ cosmetics that you can get from the mystery box! Raging from gadgets, pets, particles, and many more! You can unlock all of them for free, by just voting for the server, here's how.

How to get a mystery box?
You can craft them using mystery dust! Simply right-click the Mystery Box located near to your left and right when spawning on the lobby. After that, a menu should pop up and click the anvil. The menu should appear like so:-

By Mukri, about 1 month ago
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