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Founded in 2013

We are a group of gamers that are active for years. Founded by Mukri & Brucrafters. We do a lot of things such as, giveaways, events & many more. We are inviting all Bruneiean players to join and talk to us in our public teamspeak-3 server. We also have a history of building a minecraft server. Our highest players playing per day is 60+ players! Unfortunately, we have to close it down due to some reason that cannot be avoided such as database wiped and its time-consuming. Other than that, we are looking forward in this 2017. We will hopefully have a lot of giveaways and events. What are you waiting for? Join our teamspeak-3 server ( and get to know each other!

Also, Please check our facebook, twitter and youtube page! You can find our social media link's below. If you have a further more questions, do not hestitate to ask using one of our social medias or by joining our teamspeak-3 server.

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