We have added our own custom McMMO to the survival server. Here is the list of skills that you can progress through.

There are Combat, Archery, Excavation, Mining, and Herbalism.
You can view the details of each McMMO Skills HERE.


We also added a new Nametag system. On the TAB list, it will be much cleaner looking. 

By PlanetBn, 4 days ago
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Finally! Our Survival server has been updated to 1.16.1! We are super excited to bring this update to you since there is a lot of new features on 1.16.1. You can now find all the 1.16 features on our survival server. Will you be able to find the strongest armor?



F = Fixed | A = Added | R = Removed | C = Changes

C - Changes from 1.15 to 1.16
C - Buffed party rewards
C - Changed vote party goals from 500 ...

By Mukri, 6 days ago
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Introducing the Furniture updates! This update adds a lot of furniture on the server you can buy.

Where can I buy furniture?

You can buy the furniture in our new /warp shop! Right-Click the villager 'Deliao-Furniture' to get the list of furniture available on our server. And also, all players can purchase a pet using our in-game currency BND. Make sure to check them out as well, they are just opposite from Deliao Furniture Sdn Bhd.

New Spawn & Market...

By Mukri, 12 days ago
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We have been reworking on the skills system for a long time and it is now live on the server. Below are the items/functions that we have added to our new skills system,


GUI Rework
I have reworked the skills menu so it will be much easier and cleaner for players to use.

Instead of right-clicking them to use the skills, it will now open up a skills menu where you can upgrade your skills and activate/use them.

By Mukri, 16 days ago
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First of all, I would like to say thank you very much for playing on our server. 50+ players are a big achievement to us & your support towards us is overwhelming. Our team has been putting a ton of hours to develop this server. I personally did not expect PlanetBn will reach such numbers. Once again, thank you very much! We will try to push more contents to the server so you guys can have a great/amazing time playing on our server.

Our server will be having a 35% discount on EVERYTHING! This sale will start once this post is up and will end at 20:35 (8:35 PM), July 16, 2020, UTC +8.

By Mukri, about 1 month ago
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