Updates #1 /Menu and More!

Hello guys! We welcome you with our first updates on the server ever! Here is the list for our first ever updates:-

Update Logs:-
- Added Rare Luckyblocks that contains 40+ Items.
- Added more items on the Common Luckyblocks
- Added PbnPoints for the Menu Currency
- Added /Menu Commands
- Added /Boost Commands
- Added /Points
- Fixed PbnQuests Sending PASS-2 and PASS-3 Message on placing stones
- Fixed Hunting Players Quests not activating
- Fixed if you killed a pigman, you will received both the zombie and zombiepigman balance
- Fixed /msg not able to send any message that contains ':'
- Fixed a typo on swear

Now, let us explain the new LuckyBlocks and Menu Items!

Most of the items that is on the /Menu are purchasable via PbnPoints. PbnPoints is a currency for the /Menu. You can gain them via voting or donating to our server here https://planetbn.com/shop

This is the GUI that will open up when you do /Menu:

This is the ColorChat Gui, you can select your ChatColor to any color that are available on minecraft! Most of them are 100 PbnPoints! Once you bought them, you are able to keep them forever!:

This is the CrateKey GUI, you can buy the key to the /warp crates here!:

This is the Permissions Shop GUI! You can buy permissions such as /Fly, /Skull and more! Check it out now:

LuckyBlocks: Simple, you can simply get the Rare luckyblocks by reaching our VoteParty or by opening Common LuckyBlocks.

This is the new Rare LuckyBlocks:

That is it for now! Thank you for supporting our server.
Donate: https://planetbn.com/shop
Vote: https://planetbn.com/vote


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